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Motion Work

Riparide - USA & NZ launch film.
Riparide is a company we have worked with since its humble beginning.
From a single coffee at a Brunswick cafe looking at the original website and concept design, to shooting accommodation films and photography all up and down the east coast of Australia, we have watched the Riparide revolution take over and challenge the likes of some of the largest accommodation services in the world.
This film promoted the launch of Riparide's American and New Zealand counterparts, expanding an Australian-grown company on its first global expansion.

Tourism North East - More Than Mountains
Tourism North East approached us to create a Winter Campaign with end to end production. The aim - producing out-of-home content along with a 3 part video series for Victoria's High Country, promoting food and beverage in the area throughout winter. Our aim was to provide the consumer a new phrase for enticing friends and family to their area, simply stating that Victoria's High Country is 'More than Mountains.'

Plantiga - Keep Moving Forward
Plantiga, a wearable tech company from Vancouver CA commissioned us to create a brand piece for their new service. Once reserved for high-end athletes Plantiga services the NFL, AFL, and NBA in tracking athletes' data, improving recoveries, and pushing athletes, teams, and individuals to continue to better themselves and their bodies by providing unparalleled metrics provided by an inner sole, that can be fitted into any shoe.
The aim of the campaign was to build brand equity as well as highlight how Plantiga can benefit the everyday athlete. By launching this high-end, product to the everyday consumer Plantiga is fast becoming an unrivaled tool for athletes and coaches, and their physio's around the globe.

Fever-Tree - Dry Ginger
Our close friends at New Colony came to us with big ambitions; a multi-city shoot, in the middle of a pandemic. The request - document the origin of our whisky and the mixer that complements it. Alongside our reference video of Chef's table, we set to work coordinating a multi-city shoot. Anyone living in 2021 would know this was no easy task, however, learning what each key stakeholder had to say around the process when ordering a whisky and dry was a learning experience to say the least.

Why we make films.
Fēlan Films 2019 Showreel. From a year where travelling was normal and all of our commercial productions went ahead without fail. Narrated by me, Andy and in collaboration with Un.Studio's audio efforts, this is a showcase of my directing and photographic skills, combined with the collaborative efforts of Wiltshire Creatives graphic design, outlining just some of the commercial work we have produced together.

Starward Two-Fold Launch Film
We were excited to create an Australian whisky video with Starward, who were releasing their
new Two-Fold edition. We shot an interview in Melbourne with Starward founder David Vitali
who discussed the production process of their latest award-winning whisky. And yes, we
definitely sampled a few drams after we’d wrapped. You would have done too.

Mini 3 Door Hatch // Europe
Mid 2020 I travelled to Europe and undertook this project that is now in the circulation of online advertising with Mini Germany. A collaborative effort with Jessie McCall we travelled from Copenhagen, through the Italian Dolomites and finally to Florence to see what the Mini Cooper could do.

Luke Mills // Industrial Designer
When an uber-talented industrial designer and ceramicist asked us to shoot a bio in Melbourne,
we jumped at the chance. We recorded Luke Mills over a couple of days as he discussed how
he became a master of his craft and became one of the leading custom lighting designers in

Mini Australia - 5 Door Hatch // Melbourne
We headed out with Tawa Hayes and Phil Marshal to create a film in Melbourne for Mini Cooper
that would help them reach a broader audience...and look damn cool while they’re at it.
Produced and shot in just under a week, we went back to my roots for this one, filming a short
video of skateboarders in Melbourne, which brought back a ton of fun memories.

We teamed up with our pals over at New Colony to produce an exciting multi-media campaign for Chemist2u. We produced a short and punchy series of assets that perfectly capture the essence of the business and its services.
Our goal was to create a suite of assets that would clearly and concisely communicate the main service Chemist2u offers, while also capturing the attention and imagination of potential customers.