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Motion Work

Mini 3 Door Hatch // Europe
Mid 2020 I travelled to Europe and undertook this project that is now in the circulation of online advertising with Mini Germany. A collaborative effort with Jessie McCall we travelled from Copenhagen, through the Italian Dolomites and finally to Florence to see what the Mini Cooper could do.

Why we make films.
Fēlan Films 2019 Showreel. From a year where travelling was normal and all of our commercial productions went ahead without fail. Narrated by me, Andy and in collaboration with Un.Studio's audio efforts, this is a showcase of my directing and photographic skills, combined with the collaborative efforts of Wiltshire Creatives graphic design, outlining just some of the commercial work we have produced together.

Starward Two-Fold Launch Film
We were excited to create an Australian whisky video with Starward, who were releasing their
new Two-Fold edition. We shot an interview in Melbourne with Starward founder David Vitali
who discussed the production process of their latest award-winning whisky. And yes, we
definitely sampled a few drams after we’d wrapped. You would have done too.

Luke Mills // Industrial Designer
When an uber-talented industrial designer and ceramicist asked us to shoot a bio in Melbourne,
we jumped at the chance. We recorded Luke Mills over a couple of days as he discussed how
he became a master of his craft and became one of the leading custom lighting designers in

Adeline - a not-so-official music video
A song by alt-J, an English indie rock band that tells a story of a Tasmanian devil, falling in love with a girl swimming.
The story resonated with me so much that I spent almost 2 months travelling to and from my home-town in the North-West of Tasmania creating this personal project and unofficial Music Video using footage captured from 25 consecutive sunrises and sunsets.

My Detox Travel - Cath Simard // New Zealand
Cath Simard is an adventure photographer known for her multi-day hikes deep into the alpine region across the world.
Over the space of 10 days in the south island of New Zealand, I was able to back-pack, car camp and adventure our way into the fjords, Milford sound and the incredible Lake Marian to uncover some of Cath's previous life, and why she loves creating images in the outdoors.

Mini Australia - 5 Door Hatch // Melbourne
We headed out with Tawa Hayes and Phil Marshal to create a film in Melbourne for Mini Cooper
that would help them reach a broader audience...and look damn cool while they’re at it.
Produced and shot in just under a week, we went back to my roots for this one, filming a short
video of skateboarders in Melbourne, which brought back a ton of fun memories.

MO Project
The MO project is a Melbourne architecture and interior design studio that were looking to create something unique to show the concept and actualisation of their logo and brand design. Created by one of the most influential female artists in Melbourne MISO, Stanislava Pinchuk paints the MO Project logo onto clear and altered glass surfaces as both performance art and branding process.

Sony Kando 3.0 - Chris Burkard
This is the third time we’ve been asked to create a video for Sony Kando and we were only too
happy to oblige. We flew to Sunriver, Oregon, where everyone from National Geographic and
Netflix photographers to established filmmakers came together to connect, explore and discuss
what lies ahead in the future of multimedia. This is an Excerpt from the camp film - aerial photography and flying with Chris Burkard.